Security Tools

Screen pinning

For mobile devices your personal security should be your top priority. Tools are all you really need on your phone to stay safe. Important bases of device and data security for Android users include seven important tools. One of the most useful security tools is also one of its most easily overlooked. Screen pinning is the first tool you should never overlook. You can set this under the security system. You may choose these tools for both personal and business accounts. 
App for Password Management

This app will help you set strong passwords and not weak ones where people can pry into your personal business. Using a weak password will pose a big risk for your personal security. With this app, generate and store strong passwords for every site you sign into. The app is available with the complete set of features that offers guidance every step of the way.

Authentication utility

Passwords are not bulletproof. Unwanted intruders can still pry into them. You may chose to add a second layer of protection by using the authentication utility. What this may be is just a second temporary code that has been generated by a device that only you would have. The the odds would be very low that someone can pry into your security. There are free apps available to help get you started.

Smart Lock feature

A pattern, PIN or password will allow you to secure your phone. You do nit want to have to put in a code each time because this is so time consuming. You can set this up in the security section as well. This one is for Android 5.0 or higher.

Advanced app-scanning feature

Android has its native malware-scanning system. Opting in is easy by going into the Google section of your system settings. Then just select Scan device for security threats. Android devices can automatically detect for sings of SMS tampering or abuse. Android browsers stay ahead of the dangerous websites.

Device Manager

If you choose to remotely lock or erase your phone from a computer or other mobile device, then device manager is just another tool you should consider. If you have an Android system smartphone, then this manager is already on there. All you have to do is enable it under system settings. With the device manager if your phone us lost, then you will be able to easily track and secure it.

VPN client

This tool is what all Android smartphone users need. A VPN, or virtual private network will encrypt all of your data and keep all strangers from prying in your business and seeing your personal and payment information. This tool s designed to mask your actual IP address and hide your location. This app is simple and easy to use but will cost just a small fee o three dollars per month. It is certainly worth every penny too. For one to four dollars each month it is definitely worth the price to have the best security for your Android smartphone.